Examining the world's least predictable government

Thursday, March 3 2016 at 7:30PM

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39 Mount Ephraim
Tunbridge Wells

Alistair Coleman

What's the talk about?

 As the Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea continues to dominate headlines, journalist and North Korea analyst Alistair Coleman explains how the political system in Pyongyang came to be that way,and asks what hope is there for the country's 26 million people. Is North Korea a threat to the west, and if it is, what can we do about the world's least predictable government?

Alistair has worked at BBC Monitoring for 24 years, part of the World Service which watches and analyses the world's open source media. Starting his career as a technician, he specialises in studying media behaviour in North Korea for significant changes in tone that could betray changes in policy.

Alistair is a multiple award-winning blogger who enjoys questioning extremism, idiocy and dubious claims; including political blow-hards, religion, stage psychics, homeopaths and quackery.